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About us is a digital marketing company that delivers top-quality targeted impressions in all business verticals and offers exclusive video advertising solutions on CTV and OTT channels. Staying at the cutting edge of new technology and the growth of our industry, we focus on scaling your business success and profits from advertising. Our unique business approach reinforced with the latest tech advancements is targeted at reaching maximum efficiency at an ever-increasing pace.

What will you get?

Excellent results

Tap into the powerhouse of engaging ads targeting only relevant audiences in the right place, at the right moment.

Strong connections

Get hold of robust audience insights, high-quality publishers and engaging ad formats to ensure your business growth in the long run.

Growth through data insights

Scale your business with powerful data and accurate ad campaigns analytics.

For brands

Effective fraud detection features

Ensure the high quality of your traffic via the latest fraud detection algorithms.

Precise measurement

Track the impact of your CTV campaigns performance with digital and traditional metrics.

Data-driven targeting

Harness the first–, second– and third–party data to reach the most lucrative audiences with your video ads.

Top-class inventory

Run your ads along with safe and captivating content that fits audiences of any age and interest.

Clear-cut RTB technology

A complete comprehensive ecosystem of platforms built to win all eyes for your video commercials.

For content owners

An array of effective monetization tools

Take on the opportunity to get maximum profit from your content.

Extensive choice of ad formats

Powerful solutions for increased consumer engagement.

Demand on part of premium brands

Charge up your content with safe and potent ads from world-known brands.

Competitive eCPMs and Fill Rates

Improve your earnings with generous industry prices

High-end technology

With Nom-Nom Media and its RTB platform you will reimagine the way digital inventory is bought and sold. We offer advertisers and publishers to automatically negotiate, trade and take full control of the media buying process in order to ensure the best ad spaces are matched with premium brands, delivering millions of valuable impressions!

All in a matter of milliseconds!


Nom-Nom Media SSP grants full transparency and complete control over ad inventory at every level. You can sell your ad space to premium buyers at private marketplaces, monetize unsold inventory via RTB auctions and enjoy competitive pricing to the fullest.


Our DSP provides agencies, advertisers, and media-buyers with an omnichannel programmatic string of features to run targeted, proactive and highly engaging ad campaigns that turn your audiences into devoted customers.


Rich 1st, 2nd and 3rd-party data to ensure that brands fully personalize their communication with potential customers and speed up the fulfillment of their business goals.

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